Adulting – Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning the kids Bathroom, or as I like to announce: “They’re going to name a disease after you!” I mean, I’ve literally walked into my kids bathroom and found every surface of the room covered in dirty laundry, EXCEPT, the laundry hamper. It was like the laundry hamper threw up in the bathroom!🤣 The smallest, most vital room in the house is often the dirtiest, so let’s make cleaning it easy. You’ll need a few basic supplies. No need to be exact, everyone has their own favorites when it comes to cleaning products, I’ll just list what I use and you can substitute it as necessary. Let’s face it, cleaning products can be very expensive, so use what you have on hand. A good resource for cleaning products is a dollar store.

Cleaning Wipes or Spray

Window cleaner


Magic Eraser

Toilet Brush

First, assemble your cleaning supplies. Keep them out of reach of children and pets. I have a set of cleaning supplies in each bathroom for easy access. You’re more likely to touch up a mess if the supplies are handy.

Spray cleaner on the toilet or use a cleaning wipe. I start at the top and work my way down. Toss the wipe, don’t flush it. Wash your hands.

 Take a fresh wipe or spray a cloth/paper towel with cleaner and wipe off the big germ catchers, the light switches and doorknobs.  Now the tub/shower. This is where the magic eraser comes in. Dampen the tub, sprinkle cleanser in it and use the magic eraser to scrub it down. You’ll get a lot more traction with the magic eraser than with a sponge or cloth. Rinse. Last is the sink and mirror. Spray the mirror with window cleaner and polish. Remove everything from the counters, spray them down and wipe clean. Take a damp cloth to the front of the cabinets and side of the bathtub.

Do the floor last, you can use any kind of mop or do it by hand with a cloth and cleaner. Set out fresh towels and your good to go! Repeat once a week, more if it needs it or is used my multiple people. REMEMBER: Never mix chemicals. Make sure the cleaning products are acceptable for your surfaces.  

That sucked, didn’t it. I know. No one likes to clean the bathroom, but it is necessary. So let’s make the job easier next time. Keep a magic eraser in the tub/shower. Whenever you see a footprint, soap scum or smudge, use your foot to scrub the tub with the magic eraser. Hold onto something so you don’t fall. Keep wipes or cleaner on the back of the toilet so you can quickly catch messes as they happen. As a final touch, I keep a spray bottle filled with alcohol to spritz on surfaces to help disinfect.