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Reader Review on Amazon:

This was a fantastic book. Once I started to read it I had to force myself to put my kindle down. I knew Brad was in on it but the end OMG I did NOT see that coming. The editing could have been done better, but all in all it was an great book. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into romance and even mystery!

Excerpt from Chapter One:

Snow fell lightly, landing in frozen patterns that momentarily decorated the car window before blowing away or melting in a single drop of water that slid down the glass. A young girl bounced in the backset of her family car within the confines of her seatbelt and talked excitedly about the tree they would pick for Christmas that year.

A car sped by, the face of the driver smiling, but it wasn’t a happy smile. It reminded the child of a night she hid on the staircase and watched a movie where an ugly clown wielding a knife smiled upon its victim. She had learned that night not all smiles were friendly.

Through the eyes of the child, Sarah helplessly watched the macabre fragments of the scene unfold before her, as a noise ground out like the roar of an angry animal and a jolt sent the world spinning until the snow became a tornado around the car. Metal twisted as the glass that held the delicate snowflakes shattered and the wind howled through, overshadowed only by the screams of the occupants.

Another roar and the car toppled, end over end, giving the child the impression of being inside of one of the little snow globes that sat upon her bedroom shelf. With a final groan the car fell still and silent.

There was so much blood mingled with the crushed fragments of glass that they shone like rubies. Fog shrouded the outside of the car, leaking its pungent fumes in through the broken windows.

As Sarah drifted above the wreckage, she was consumed with frustration, powerlessness, and grief.

She woke with a scream bubbling in her throat and sat bolt upright as sweat bled down her face like the melted snowflakes of her dream.