The Contract I’d Been Waiting For.

I’d written, tweaked, edited, lost sleep over and worked my butt off to get my first book, Nightwalker: A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel, out into the publishing world. I’d been told by a publisher that I would never get a contract on it and I pressed on. It paid off. The offer came. I missed the call.

Seriously, I missed the call. I’d gone away for a long weekend to Vegas and met up with family from another state. It was great. They were fully in support of my writing and wanted to know how book two was coming along. Imagine getting a contract offer in Vegas, surrounded by supportive family and friends. It would have been a hell of a celebration. It was, only we weren’t celebrating my contract.

Once I returned home, I realized I’d missed the call, got the offer and accepted. I was dancing in my desk chair! I was going to be a published author. It was a moment in time that took my breath away. Now the real work would begin. Editing. More on that adventure in my next post. For now, grab a cup of coffee and read a little bit of book three Justified. Beware of the potential spoilers if you haven’t read the others and if you wish to buy it, click on the cover or check out your favorite digital retailer.

Blurb: Things go very wrong, very fast when a federal agent is caught between her vampire lover, the leader of the pack, and a murderer intent on killing those she loves. Is stepping outside the law to stop a killer justified, or will it end her career in SINS?


Mind if we join you?” The taller one asked. “I’m Zach and this is my brother Conner.”

After a round of nice-to-meet-you’s and a fresh order of drinks, the small talk began. Conner sat next to Tala and Zach dragged his chair closer to me. It wasn’t long into the conversation before I started to realize that neither one of these guys was intelligent enough to lure a puppy out of a cage, let alone a woman out of a bar. Tala looked up and gave me a “how the hell do we get rid of them” look just before I felt Zach’s hand start to slither up my leg, perilously close to my gun. I jumped from my seat, a little too quickly, and stifled it with a fake giggle. God I really sucked at the bar scene.

“Um, Tala. I need to go to the little girls’ room.” Did I just say “little girls’ room”? Somebody, shoot me now.

“Great idea. I’ll go with you.” She started to stand when Conner put a hand on her shoulder and dragged her back down.

“I think we’re getting ditched, Zach. How about you?”

Zach put his hand on my hip and squeezed, hard enough to bruise.

I grabbed his hand just below the fingers and pushed back with my thumbs until he let me go. “I’m not really in the mood to play grab-ass,”

“Oww.” He complained. “Calm down bitch.”

I bent Zach’s wrist back far enough to be painful and just this side of breaking it.

Conner kept a grip on Tala’s upper arm.

“Let go of her or watch me break your brother’s wrist.” I warned.

He released Tala. She stood and scrambled to my side.

“Now I’m going to let go and both of you are going to calmly leave this bar and go home.” I looked at each of them. “Not to another bar, home. Is that understood?”

“Yeah yeah, whatever. Just let go of my hand you freaky bitch.” Zach really needed to learn a little respect.

“Conner?” I asked, pushing Zach’s arm back just a little more.

“Fuck! Tell her okay Conner, she’s breaking my fucking arm!”

“Fine.” Conner said as he stood.

I let go of Zach and he straightened up and pulled his shirt down.

“Bitches!” I heard him growl as him and his brother walked toward the exit.