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Engaged to the Earl: Irresistible Heroes

Romantic heroes are designed to be irresistible. The authors want you to fall in love with them, so they write the most handsome, courageous, generous heroes imaginable. But what makes some heroes stand out? If you have some ideas, please let us know in the comments below. Here are a few of mine, which I used when writing my story, Engaged to the Earl:

Princes and Billionaires

According to the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, female readers can’t get enough of heroes who have power and prestige, such as billionaires, sheiks, and princes. However, hard-working and not very wealthy heroes such as cowboys are also perennially popular. It must be their rugged masculinity that draws readers in.

In Engaged to the Earl, I have written one character who has wealth and power, the Earl of Bradfield, as well as a more down-to-earth, manly hero, Tom Allen. I wonder which one readers will prefer?

Larger than Life

Most romance heroes tend to be large in their physical size and their… well, we won’t go there right now! But aside from that, they tend to behave very dramatically when they’re angry or up against a challenge. They will leave no stone unturned and will overcome any obstacle to protect the woman they love. These larger than life heroes are what all readers crave because we all want a hero who feels deeply and whose love is strong.

In my story, Tom will do heroic deeds to protect his beloved, while the earl is quite a drama queen (or king?), very quick to anger, but also extremely courteous and respectful of Martha when he finally comes to his senses.

Hard to Get

This doesn’t mean he plays hard to get, but he is really almost impossible to get, especially for the heroine. Think of Christian Grey from 50 Shades, who is so traumatized by his past that he is unable to have a real relationship, or the Black Corsair from Emilio Salgari’s classic novel, who has sworn vengeance upon the heroine’s father.

It seems nothing could happen to induce these attractive fellows to fall in love, and yet they do. The appeal of the “hard to get” hero is universal because we all crave the forbidden fruit.

When I was writing Engaged to the Earl, I made the title character appear completely indifferent to Martha’s charms because he sees her only as his wife in an arranged marriage, nothing more than a business partner. Martha’s liaison with Tom is even more impossible because Tom is a servant, and such a union would never be recognized by society. Despite all odds, Martha tries win the love of both of these men.

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