ShadowWalker: Book 5 in The Leah Wolfe SINS Novel series

Introducing ShadowWalker: Book 5 in The Leah Wolfe SINS Novel Series!

Sometimes the darkest passion hides within the shadows of love.

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Zen Rivers quiet peaceful life shatters the instant Raven Nightwalker enters it. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Forced into the protective custody of Raven and hunted for a past she can’t remember, Zen must decide who she can trust in a world she barely recognizes. She soon realizes that Raven is the man she shared a single, steamy kiss with months ago and has heated her dreams every night since and determines to awaken the passion in her reluctant savior once again.

Yet when the danger gets real and hiding is no longer an option, will Zen be strong enough to walk away from the man that has covered her heart in the shadows of passion and love?