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I am thrilled to announce that I have just signed a contract for the next book following the SINS Series! Look for ShadowWalker to be released with Liquid Silver Books!

I hope you enjoy the hop and this unedited peek at ShadowWalker! Leave a comment below and you will be entered to win your choice of any one of my backlist books.


I am the eyes that you feel boring into the space between your shoulder blades.
I am the chill that slithers in and out of each vertebrae of your spine.
I am the shadows that you see moving in the blackness and the sound you hear scraping at your window while lightening dances across the midnight sky.
I am what stalks you as your footsteps echo when you walk a dark, quiet street alone.
You cannot see me, but I am there.
I am, I am –Shadow of the night.

Excerpt from ShadowWalker – coming soon with

Raven stroked away my tears with a swipe of his thumb earning him a weak smile from me. Without thought, I reached for him, linking my fingers behind his head and pulling him toward me. I felt the soft stubble of Raven’s beard. It was a tantalizing change from the clean-shaved skin he usually had as he kissed me with a passion matched by my own.
“You taste divine, Zen.” He whispered when we finally came up for air.
“As do you.”
He kissed the corner of my mouth and made his way down my chin, alternating between small nibbles and softly sucking kisses. I angled my head back and offered him my neck.
He bit me sensually, not breaking the skin. “Tis a fine line you’re walking little one.”
I trusted him, why couldn’t he see that?
“I’ll not take advantage of this,” he ran his tongue along my neck, tracing the vein imbedded there.
My eyes, raw, tired and filled with frustration, closed.

Raven’s hand slid down my neck, teased my collar bone then moved to my breast, raising it to his eager mouth. He pulled at my nipple until it was hard and aching then shifted to work on the other.
My body danced beneath his skillful hands. I was quivering, needful…wanton, my subconscious finished for me.
His fingers moved down my body, encircling my navel then gliding just past my…

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