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This is what I’d call a Janus post, like the Roman god Janus, I’m looking back and looking forward too. One of the most usual questions people ask when they find out I write is – ‘Where do the ideas come from?’
I always try to be truthful about this but it can be quite a tricky question to answer. I often say, ‘the ideas come from all different sources,’ as that is about as honest as I can be. I generate ideas all the time, sometimes in response to a picture, or a piece of music, a landscape, or the first mist of autumn, each one on that short list has inspired me to write.
The section I’m inspired to write might be part of a chapter for a work in progress or perhaps tempt me to begin something totally new. An example of this is the first mist of autumn this year came nine days ago in Shropshire and reminded me of what there is to look forward too. Delicate swirls of mist hanging in the valley and weaving through the woods. Fabulous. Mist features in my story Timeless with Lyrical Press, and it is featuring in the sequel which I’m working on, so in this case the images I watched will appear in the chapters I write.
My story Your Heart My Soul with Liquid Silver Books had a different kind of inspiration. In this case I read a call for submissions for a story with a ring as part of its main theme. I played with the idea for a little, had a false start with something I will keep to work on another day, and then hit on the true beginning of the story with the first chapter introducing William ‘Reliance’ Smith. I love his name by the way, and had found that before the story even began. With the story finally finished I then looked to submit it and sent it off.
My latest book A Gentleman’s Folly which is to be released soon by Liquid Silver Books began with a different process again. This time the story was inspired by a visit I made to a real place of historical significance. The characters came to my mind with all their faults and foibles. What followed after was not only the writing of the story but lots and lots of research. I love historical stories but to write them is very demanding because all the tiniest details have to be correct, so much can be lost with an inaccuracy. I’d hate to disappoint readers so the research is extensive and I suppose because I love history I enjoy it too. This story has been some time in creation. To help get readers in the mood, my blog for the whole month of September is about the era the story is set in, the fashions of the time and the history of tea, as tea plays a large part in the story. Find out more here: Daisy Banks Blog
Where will my next inspiration come from? At present I have two short stories I’m working on, one full novel sequel that is almost complete and then I can start to look for my next big project. I have one or two ideas already that I hope will entertain readers.
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  1. I love that you let inspiration guide you, Daisy. I’m the same way when an idea strikes — gotta get it down before it slips away, whether it’s for the current WIP or something completely different.

    • Cheers Kimber and its nearly there but not quite yet. As to music I am a devotee of Vivaldie, his music makes me still in a busy day and remember not all is action.

    • Gemma, if you are serious here, sweetie, the best thing you can do is turn your TV off and don’t turn it on for a year. Argh!! I did it and it helped me so much. Also I didn’t sneak by watching in other peoples places. My only live TV was Rugby, if you see the guys you’ll know why and the odd dose of weather. As to advice columns, I understand the lure, try to resist if you can. I know its not easy and forgive yourself little lapses, we can’t help but do it. Write a story instead about an agony aunt and her advice.
      Try it, let me know how you get on.

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