phoenixWeeks of searching and miles of traversing across the scorching Arizona desert led to this single, heart stopping moment.
With the sun beating down on the blacktop causing ripples of heat to blur the space between them, he spotted her. She beamed at him and waited for him to cross the distance separating them. He stood before her for a moment, muscular arms crossed over a broad chest that led to long, lean legs as his eyes danced across every inch of her. Tentatively he reached out and caressed her with the gentle fingers of a lovers touch.
She shined for him and he took the invitation, settling into her softness as his hands eagerly explored all that she had to offer. With a growl he drove her, tenderly at first before increasing the tempo and riding her hard and fast seeing just how much she had to give. She responded to his every command, gliding smoothly beneath him and taking everything he could thrust upon her.
Then it was over and she could only watch and wait. After a long moment he finally spoke, “I’ll take it.”
Yes, my husband just bought a new car – the big question is – Should I be jealous? LOL Leave a comment. Any similar experiences?

5 comments on “Jealousy…

  1. My husband is considering buying a new car. I’m trying to hold him off. I’d hate to have car payments again. Also, he picked my car for me and I feel like I should pick the next one. 😉 He’d be driving a hybrid and cursing me.

    • We looked at the hybrids. The prius didnt fit him and the rear window had some serious blind spots and the hybrids for the other models we bought would have taken years to pay for the additional upfront cost. I am very impressed with the gas milage we are getting now, even though its not a hybrid.

  2. Great description…and I feel for you…when my hubby started calling his new car ‘baby’ and constantly polishing it…I threatened to leave my fingerprints (and other marks) all over it, lol.

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