Food, Vampires and Summer Heat!

phoenixA friend of mine gave me a box full of crockpot recipes for Christmas and now that the temperature in the desert has reached triple digits, (who wants to turn on the oven) I thought I’d give them a try. My cooking skills are smoking around the house, as in, the smoke detector has gone off so dinner must be done :/ I’ve been known to follow a spaghetti sauce recipe to a “T” and even the dog refused to eat it! LOL
To mine, and everyone elses, surprise, my first attempt was successful so I thought I’d pass it along. After all, I’d rather spend my time writing than cooking! I’ve thrown in an excerpt from PHOENIX to whet your appetite!


1 jar or bag (32 ounces) of sauerkraut, drained
2 cup shredded swiss cheese
3 packages, corned beef, shredded – I used a pre-cooked 1 pound pkg but deli meat will do
1 stick of margarine
1 egg beaten – can be left out in a pinch or for cholesterol purposes

Here’s the easy part, chuck it all in slow cooker, stir, cover and cook for 2 hours on HIGH.
That’s it! I served mine on rye toast but if you want to use it for a party dip, you can use rye cocktail bread or rye crackers.

Now go grab a book and enjoy the dog days of summer!

Excerpt from PHOENIX:

“I love to watch your eyes glaze over in ecstasy while I devour you, my love,” he
crooned before tasting me once again.

I fisted my hands into the silky strands of his hair and lost all sense of sanity as he
tormented my body with long, slow swirls of his skillful tongue. When I thought I could
take no more, he slipped his tongue inside me and suckled on my center until I could only
see white bursts of pleasure through my closed eyelids. My head thrashed from side to
side. His pace relaxed and the slower he slid in and out of me, the more intense the
pleasure became that shuddered through me until my body burst with rapture and insanity
all at once. I screamed his name with my release, but Ian kept his mouth in place,
drinking down my pleasure—as if it were the blood he existed upon.

Only when my body stopped convulsing did Ian lift his head with a satisfied smile
that melted my heart. Ian was no selfish lover. My pleasure was his, as his was mine.