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I’m very excited today because I just typed those three lovely words, END OF SUBMISSION! I’ve finished PHOENIX – the fourth book in the SINS Series! I posted a short unedited excerpt below but first, have a peek at a naughty little bit from the book that started it all…NIGHTWALKER: A LEAH WOLFE SINS NOVEL. At the end, I’ll tell you how to win a FREE copy of either NIGHTWALKER: A LEAH WOLFE SINS NOVEL, THE ORDER OF CHAOS: A SINS NOVEL or GUARDIAN!

“We shouldn’t,” I whispered against his lips.

He pulled his head back to look at me. His blue eyes were dark with need and desire.

“Allow me to convince you.” He kissed the tip of my nose, his hands resting on my shoulders. His mouth trailed tender kisses over my cheeks until he found my mouth. He kissed me gently as his fingers caressed down the sides of my arms and to my back where he gently stroked up and down my spine. His tongue licked along my bottom lip and I leaned into him with parted lips to welcome him. He eagerly accepted my invitation and our tongues danced together, teasing, inviting, until I found the entire length of me melded to the length of him, my arms trailing along the hardness of his back. He slid his hands to the front of my blouse and undid the top button.

I pulled my mouth from his and looked up, with our height difference it was a long way up, into his eyes. His eyes had turned midnight blue. “I haven’t been with anyone since…” I let my voice trail off.

He dipped his head and provocatively sucked my bottom lip into his mouth. “There is no one but us, my love. Just you and me,” he whispered.

I leaned back into him and let my hands trail up his shoulders and then down the front of his chest. I gently slid them lower until I reached the fine hairs low on his stomach. I ran my finger around his navel and down the feathery hairs to the top of his jeans. He sucked in a breath and traced the neckline of my blouse up and down the hollow of my breasts. He slowly undid the buttons and slid the blouse off my shoulders. He slid my shoulder holster off and dropped it to the floor. Goose bumps covered my skin and he chuckled as he lightly ran his hands over them.

“I love the way your body responds to mine. I can hear your heart drumming faster and feel your blood rushing through your veins.”

“You’re not planning on biting me, are you?” I was suddenly suspicious.

“Only if you want me to,” he whispered. His mouth blazed a river of heat down my body as he fell to his knees. He cupped my breasts in his hands, gently kneading them. He undid the front hook, spilling them into his hands. “I love the feel of your skin in my hands.” He licked a slow line around my nipple and I shuddered as pleasure filled my body. He sucked, and teased and licked until I cried out, then he released that one and started on the other. He trailed kisses down my stomach; then slid his tongue just under the waistband of my jeans, causing me to shudder. I looked down at him as he undid the button of my jeans; his shiny, black hair lay in waves around him. He pulled my jeans to the floor and slid them over my feet. I stood before him in my black lace underwear. His hands gently caressed my legs as he slid them back up to my waist.

He lifted me into his arms effortlessly and carried me to the bed while our lips danced together. He set me on the bed and hovered over me. The only thought in my head was of Ian, the way he looked, the muscles of his arms tensing as he held himself above me. I reached to the fly of his jeans and slowly slid down the zipper. He wore nothing under the denim as I slipped my fingers inside and released his erection. He groaned as I brushed along the hard length of him. He shifted and in one swift movement removed his own jeans and tossed them to the floor. He settled himself lower between my legs and dipped his mouth to the triangle of lace that covered my most intimate parts. He kept his eyes on mine as he licked just under the edge. His tongue drew a wet line of heat along the tender skin of my thighs. His moans vibrated along my skin, sending shivers all over my body. He moved his mouth over me, covering my core, his breath hot as he nibbled and sucked at me through the silky fabric. I threw my head back as he relentlessly teased me, my entire being aching for him. He drew my panties down my legs while his mouth and tongue continued their assault on me. I cried out as he swept his tongue in one long tantalizing stroke over the cleft of my body.

“I love tasting you.” He teased and licked while I rocked with pleasure, small moans escaping my lips. “Release for me, my love. Give me all of you.” His breath fell hot against my skin, his tongue dipping and probing, exploring me inside and out while cascading waves of intense pleasure rippled throughout me.

Never before had I felt like this, so uninhibited, so possessed by another. I clutched my hands into the silky strands of his hair as he gave that one last, long, lick that brought me screaming. Even then he didn’t stop until the last shudder had left my body and I was left lying on the bed, gasping to regain my breath. He kissed his way up my body, taking his slow, sweet time as he licked circles around my belly button and the tips of my breasts. Every nerve in my body tingled as he made his way to my neck, nuzzling my ear. He poised himself above me and I breathed in the warm, masculine scent of him.

“It is not too late to stop, my love.” His voice was raspy. “I don’t want you to have any regrets. Just tell me what it is that you want and it is yours.”

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Sneak Peek of PHOENIX – coming soon

I knew Ian was waiting for my response. And he knew he wasn’t going to get one. I was still afraid to allow myself to relax. My heart seemed to be encased in the sorrow of my life. I loved Ian, he loved me and he made me happy. Yet joy had always evaded me and I guess, deep down inside of me, I didn’t believe I was really entitled to it.

Ian’s hands slid down my side, skirting my breast on their way to skimming lazy circles around my belly button. My body shivered in response. “I will content myself with this,” he lifted my chin to look into my eyes, “For now. I am a patient man, have had a century to perfect my patience, and someday you will find peace with yourself, my love.”

I captured his lips with mine before he could speak again. It was a sneaky way to change the subject, but hey, it worked.

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  1. WooHoo! I love hearing you’ve submitted another “Sins” book too! Have a Happy New Year and thanks for being a part of the hop!

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  2. This excerpt was hot! I hated for it to end. Definitely another add to my tbr list for sure.
    Best wishes for the new year
    Christine S
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  3. Great excerpt…you’re a new author to me and I’ll definitely check this series out! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the finish of the 4th book! Happy 2013!

  4. Great excerpt! You’re a new author to me and I’ll definitely check this series out! Congrats on the 4th book finish and happy 2013!

  5. Wow, what hot scenes from each book. It will be interesting to see how this all ends. Wonderful excerpts!

    Best wishes for the coming year!

    Thanks for the opportunity to know you.

    Belinda G
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  6. Wow just Wow I couldn’t even wait I had to go to my Barnes and Noble account an add this to my wish list I can not wait to read this. Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

  7. Yay! I love hearing those just as much as you love typing them! Thanks for another great exceprt too!


  8. Oh my! That was HOT and has me dying to read it! Thanks for being part of the Hop!

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  9. Hot excerpt, looking forward to reading the full story. Thanks for the snippet and for participating in the blog hop.


  10. Enjoyed the excerpt ;
    Seems like it’ll be great read
    Thanks for sharing & Happy New Year

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