Commander Nadia Petrovich, Science Officer of the Alliance Starship Galanti, has a problem—which has nothing to do with science. Her problem is Commander Huw Caradoc, the Galanti’s Chief Engineer. She and the stubborn Prime male have a growing connection he refuses to acknowledge—a bond that could drive him mad.

They are connected psychically and the bond grows stronger every day. If Nadia didn’t know it was impossible, she would suspect they were mating in the Prime tradition—a biological imperative that locates and marks a Prime’s optimum mate. But she isn’t Prime, as Huw tells her and anybody who’ll listen.

Nadia’s emotional anguish couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Prime and Galactic Alliance merger is finally under way, and the all-male Prime crews are learning how to work with female Alliance crew members. The Antareans threaten the outer arms of the Milky Way, and Prime rebels wreak havoc on the Prime home planet and elsewhere.

Despite the conflict surrounding them, Nadia and Huw will not be able to avoid their fate or their growing love. Prime selection will make the decision for them whether the timing is right or not.



Tell us a little about your book.


Prime Selection is the second book in the Prime Chronicles Trilogy. The first book was Prime Obsession.  This trilogy is scifi romance and tells the story of the Prime, the oldest hominid species in the Milky Way Galaxy, and their coming out of isolation to join the Galactic Alliance.  They do this to save their race from dying out.


Prime Obsession followed the story of Captain Wulf Caradoc, the heir to the leader of the Cejuru Prime solar system, and his “found” mate, Captain Melina Dmitros, who was one of the “lost ones,” women and children who had been evacuated during a siege of Cejuru Prime and had never found their way home.


Prime Selection tells the story of Huw Caradoc, Wulf’s brother, and his search for his true Prime mate. What complicates Huw’s search is (a) the chance of finding his Prime mate is slim to none and (b) he is attracted to Commander Nadia Petrovich, the Terran science officer on his ship.  The mating dance between these two is set against the early days of the merger of all-male Prime crews into the coed Alliance crews and the on-going plot lines from the first book about rebels on the home planet of the Prime and the pseudo-reptilian invaders from Andromeda Galaxy.


And there will be a third book, because, duh, it is a trilogy. J  That book will tell the story of the third Caradoc brother’s search for his mate and will tie up the other on-going plot threads.


What draws you to write your genre and sub genre?

I read romantic suspense and thrillers, so that is what I like to write.  I wrote the scifi books because I love and adore the books of my friend, Linnea Sinclair.  I dedicated both books to her and she is even a character in the first one and could come back for another cameo in the third.


Do you have any tips for new writers?


Butt in chair, hands on keys. I am serious.


You can make up stories in your head until the cows come home – and mind you, it gets awfully crowded in your head – but no one can read your mind.


I did this a lot in my early years.  True story:  One day I was telling the whole plot of  a story I had in mind to my manicurist, after several weeks of me adding onto the story from the week before, she finally told me to “just write the damn book.” So, I did.  And to this day, I credit her for my writing career.


What is your guilty pleasure?


Sleep. I love and adore afternoon naps.


Where can your readers reach you?



Are you working on another book?

Always. I have very demanding fans.  LOL  I love my fans.  I am working on book three in the SSI series, Weather the Storm, and an SSI novella, Storm Front,  that fits between book two and the one I am working on .


Do you work on one project at a time or mulitples?

Usually one at a time, but with this next SSI book and novella, the time lines overlap and the stories occur in the same span of a week or so, and the characters’ actions have direct and indirect effect on the others. So, I decided I had to work on them at the same time to make the stories mesh properly.


Is there one particular thing that you find challenging about writing?

Finding the time since I am a busy person outside of writing.


Who is your favorite author?

Mary Stewart.  Donna Leon.  Jayne Ann Krentz. Early Linda Howard.  And many of my peers writing today.


What are you reading now?

Too many things to mention.  I read all the time. If it has print, I read it.


Are your characters a reflection on you or anyone you know?

Yes, I base my characters on people I know and observe. I take a characteristic of one person and put it with a trait from another. No one is used wholly.


Do you use more than one pen name? Why?

I tend to stick with Monette Michaels now, but I used to write more erotic books under the name of Rae Morgan.  This occurred mostly because I was writing regular romantic suspense for a Canadian publisher and then began writing erotic romsuspense for Liquid Silver.  I didn’t want my Monette fans to get confused.  Now, I just write everything under Monette’s name, all heat levels.



What do you do to get in the mood to write?

Deep clean my house.  A clean and uncluttered house makes unclutters my mind and allows me to focus on the voices in my head and not the dust bunnies under the table.


What is your favorite thing about writing?

The final product.


How long have you been a writer?

Since 1995; published since 1998.


Do you find love scenes difficult to write?

Yes. I have been known on a first draft to put a note “insert sex scene here.” Drives my crit buddy and my beta-readers nuts.  LOL I much rather write the buildup to sex and other action scenes than the act of sex itself.  I am told I write good sex scenes, but I must channel them. When I go back to read them, I can’t believe I wrote them.


Are any of your personal experiences reflected in your writing?

In some of my stand-alone books and my paranormal mystery series, I use my law background.


How long does it usually take you to write a book?

I write long books – 90-120 K – so it takes me 3-4 months for a rough first draft, then 6-8 months to revise and self-edit.  I usually work on a new book while I have my other book out to my crit partner and beta-readers or while in edits.


Do you set timelines when your writing or write when the feeling hits you?

I write in streaks – I need time off between books and usually use it to research the background for my next book and do character bios and the like.


Do you characters talk to you?

Oh, yeah – incessantly.  Risto Smith from Cold Day in Hell convinced me his book needed to come before Vanko’s – and he got his way and he was right.  Right now, Big Earl is telling me to get his novella done so the rest of book three of SSI can be written.  These alpha males are damn bossy and loud.


Who controls the storyline, you or your characters?

I do until after the inciting incident and then my characters take over.


What is your writing day like once you start a book?

I write after lunch until supper time.


Do you promo your backlists when you’re writing a new book, or dedicate your time solely to writing?

I promo all the time.


How many books do you write in a year?

Usually two full novels and one novella.


Thanks for having me, Rhonda. It’s been a blast.– Monette




Huw snarled at Bram who ignored him and continued to address Nadia. “You obviously need my and A’tem’s support, but Huw is losing control. His loss of control is inciting the rest of us. Are you sure you are not a couple? He is acting territorial. My father does this around my mother when he feels she is threatened by the presence of other males.”


“Nadia, do you want me to stun Huw?” A’tem asked.


Huw recognized that the Volusian looked forward to doing just that. Why were all these men mad at him and acting as Nadia’s champions? What had happened during the mission?


“No, I’ll handle it.” Nada looked up at him while the A’tem and Bram remained close enough to catch her.


Ansu bhau! He wouldn’t let Nadia fall. If anyone held her up, it would be him.


He hissed, snarled, and growled at A’tem and Bram. His warnings worked; they backed off.


“Huw. Behave.” Nadia touched his chest and patted him in the area over his heart, the exact spot he’d had an ache since he’d landed on Tarn. Her touch was gentle and soothing, lessening the throbbing. “Calm down. I’m fine. We did our job—and we were successful. My team protected me.”


His full-throated buzz-saw growl subsided to a low rumble deep in his chest. Huw took the hand on his chest and looked at it. He frowned and wiped a thumb over the dirt and bloody scratches marring her fingers and the back of her hand. His rumble threatened to escalate.


“I’m fine.” Nadia continued to talk to him, her soothing voice the only thing keeping him from losing control. “A’tem took care of my wounds.”


Huw swept a finger over the bandages at her shoulder and her waist. “Lia needs to check these out as soon as possible.”


“I’m not the one who’s seriously hurt.” Nadia touched his face, swiping at something along his jaw.


He focused on the feeling of her finger on his skin—it elicited a warm and tingling sensation where she touched him. It made him want to smile.


“Huw?” Nadia’s voice sharpened.


She was ticked off at him—again. He didn’t like it. He began to growl again.


“What?” He wiped a smudge of dirt off her chin. She needed a nice long bath and her bed.


“Pay attention. Bre needs a regen bed.” Nadia looked tired.

“Did you make sure one would be sent our way?”


Huw’s wildly erratic emotions settled at the exhaustion and pain in her voice. “Yes. Two are on their way. I knew you were in pain. I ordered two.”


He couldn’t handle even the smallest distance between them any longer. He pulled her into his body and held her gently against him. Her head nestled on his chest, her disheveled hair tickling his chin. He rubbed her back from the point where her shoulders met her neck to the top of her sweet bottom and back. “I am pleased you are okay.”


Nadia felt too good in his arms, was too tempting. He could not with any honor court her properly at this time. So he didn’t attempt to stop her when she shoved at his chest. He let her go. She stepped away. He watched her clench her jaw. She was in pain, but refused to let anyone know. He felt it sweep over her body; she might have shut off her end of their telepathic link, but her pain pounded his skin like thousands of fists.


“Nadia … you need to lie down,” he chided gently.


“Later. I need to make my report to Mel and Wulf.” Nadia straightened to her full height; no sign of weakness betrayed her to the men. Huw’s admiration for her grew. She was a warrior. She added, “I’m sure you can handle things here … right, Huw? A’tem and Bram can help me to the field headquarters.”


The warrior-woman needed a keeper; if she could walk more than two meters without collapsing, he’d be surprised. Courage and pride was one thing, but refusal to accept help was another. “Nadia, Wulf and Mel can wait on the report. You must have medical attention.” Huw reached for her, but she stepped away. A look in her eyes pleaded that he not shame her in front of her team.


He grunted and inclined his head, honoring her unspoken request.


Copyright, Monette Michaels, 2012.

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