Author Kristen Painter

Thanks for stopping by today Kristen! Why don’t you tell us about your series? 

The House of Comarré series is gothic urban fantasy loosely based on the “what if” premise of what would happen if elite vampires had blood geishas. These blood geishas are known as comarré in the series and the books follow the struggles of an outcast vampire and a comarré, who flees her world of wealth and privilege when she’s accused of murder. Much chaos ensues.

Where can your readers reach you?  

Mostly you’ll find me on Twitter @Kristen_Painter and my Facebook page,, where I do a lot of interacting with readers. I also have a website, and a website for the series,, where readers can find out more about the characters and life in Paradise City.

Do you have an excerpt you’d like to share? 

Sure, you can check out one here: 

Is there one particular thing that you find challenging about writing?  

The discipline involved. There are days when I really don’t feel like writing, but I have to move past that and get the work done. Also, keeping track of everything that happens in the stories sometimes makes my head hurt. lol 

Are your characters a reflection on you or anyone you know?  

Characters are built in the writer’s subconscious so there may be shades of reality in them, but for me, my characters become who they are as I write them. They grow on the page. It’s part of the fun of writing for me.

Do you have a favorite character from one of you own books? Who and Why? 

I love Mal, my outcast vampire hero. He’s such a hot mess, so damaged. I love characters that struggle with inner demons and he’s got that in spades. Actually, I love a lot of my characters for that reason. 

Do you characters talk to you?  

Not really, not in the literal sense. But there are times when something happens on the page that I know doesn’t ring true. Then I have to delete that and really think about who they are and how they’d truly respond. 

If you were a supernatural creature, what would you like to be and why?

Probably a leopard shifter. It would be cool to experience a day in the life of a big cat.