First Day of School – Winds of Change

Whether you love it or hate it, fear it or embrace it, change will come.

I dreaded my sons first day of school from the moment I knew he would be born, just like I dreaded the day my firstborn daughter would strap on that giant backback and toddle off to school. I knew it would forever change our lives. I would no longer be able to keep my precious children to myself; I would have to share them with strangers.

The night before the big first day of school we prepared the backpacks and set out clothes for him and my daughter. He told us that he was excited about going to school. We kissed them both goodnight and tucked them in bed.

He must have come back out of his bed a half dozen times. He was scared; we knew; but we were also powerless to prevent the inevitable. Our little boy would grow up. That is how it is supposed to be.

He came back out of his room dragging his blanket behind him. He was sleepy and yawning but fought off the sleep that would soon find him. He told us that he was “only kidding” and that he’s not really excited about going to school.

We assured him that I would be right there after school and that I would never forget about him! He smiled tentatively and seemed more at ease almost instantly. We explained to him that he would color and paint and meet new friends. He would make crafts and he said that would be his favorite. We told him his teacher would read him stories and he said that would be his favorite too!

He cuddled up in my arms and asked me to sing him the song that I have sang to him since before he was born. Daddy and I took him to bed with us and I sang him his song.

My daughter appeared in the doorway, blanket in tow. It would be her first day at a new school too and even though she was older than her brother was, she was nervous too.

The four of us snuggled in our bed and Daddy and I
taught them to give themselves a hug from us by wrapping their arms around themselves and squeezing. My son thought it was cool that God made an invisible Mom and Dad to give him hugs when he needs them.

We tucked them back into their own beds and fell soundly asleep. Daddy and I went to bed and I said a silent prayer that my little boy would have the courage to walk into that great big school and that I would have the courage to let him.

We slept little, waking often, knowing that we couldn’t stop the winds of change.

Fast forward six years and that little boy is not so little anymore, finishing his last year of elementary school and moving on to junior high. We’ve been through a move to a new city, new schools and several different sports including Soccer, Football and most recently Track. My daughter has two years left of high school and is planning on college and our third child is ready to begin third grade.

Time moves on and change is constant. Whether you love it or hate it, fear it or embrace it, change will come. You cannot stop the winds of change.

I originally wrote this several years ago. My oldest is now planning a move to a college dorm for her freshmen year, my second is about to begin his last year of middle school and my youngest her last year of elementary school. It isn’t any easier this night before the first day of school than it was those many years ago. So for all of those who are shipping the kids off to school for another year, take a minute, have that extra cup of coffee and indulge in a little melancholy. After all, they’ll be back in a few hours…with homework. Ugh! Let the battles begin! 🙂

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