Release Date for Justified

JUSTIFIED, the third book in the Leah Wolfe SINS Novel Series will release on OCTOBER 1st with Liquid Silver Books!


Ian spread the creamy lather across my chest and down my stomach. I quivered against him and drew a soft moan from his mouth. I reached my hands behind me and stroked him, gently at first. His mouth moved to my neck even as his hands went lower; his fingers caressing me and making me writhe in his arms. He was still soft as I fondled him; he hadn’t yet fed and after his body healed the injuries he sustained in the fight, he would need to replenish his blood. I tilted my head to side and pressed the delicate skin of my neck against his fangs. The invitation was offered, and accepted.

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  1. Angelica! hola!! Si tienes toda la razf3n, lo ipormtante siempre es seguir intentando y compartir conocimientos, y apara alla vamos!!! pero nunca este1n de mas los consejos de los que ya conocen el mercado, por lo cual escribed este post, pero nadie que conozca la industria ha ayudado todavia!!!!!!!!! te mantendre9 al tanto !!

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