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I stepped from the shower and shivered, not with cold but with anticipation. I’d spent the better part of the last month recording the memoir’s of Hank Ferdinando, an elderly baseball player who at one time had been a local legend. I normally didn’t ghost write but I had owed my editor, Juan Morales a favor and this was the least lecherous way to repay him. Juan was a snake and while I’d loved my job as a reporter, it was time to put that part of my life behind me now. My life among humans was finished. It was simply too dangerous for me to remain there.
I wrapped a towel around me, more for warmth than modesty. No reason to be modest now, I told myself as I stepped into the bedroom.
Finn sat upon the old mahogany chest that was placed at the footboard of the enormous bed. His pale hair lie in waves just past his chin and he swiped his hand through them as he watched me enter. The movement showing off the biceps straining against his tight shirt and gently pulling it loose from the black jeans it was tucked into. Jeans that fit snugly against the rise of his ass, covering his muscular thighs. My mated wolf.
Ronan’s dark, dark eyes followed me as I made my way across the room. His raven black hair pulled in a tight knot at the nape of his neck; his jaw twitching slightly as his eyes crawled across me. My mated vampire.
Both of them stood tall, they were over six feet each, and while they could see eye to eye, I had to strain to look up at them.
“Are ye sure this is what ye want?” Finn’s thick brogue came out a little husky.
“There will be nothing to undo this once it is done.” Ronan added.
I lowered the towel down my body slowly, my lips curling into a grin as I watched both men eyes follow the movement. “I am sure.” I replied softly. And I was. I had spent my entire life walking upon the precipice between two worlds; the last five years I balanced between three worlds. I was born to the young king of a vampire ruling council and the princess of a werewolf pack. It was a forbidden thing to do but my parents were royalty and no one dared to question a Royal, at least no one who lived to tell the tale.
As was customary with both vampires and werewolves, I was mated to the man who had proved himself strong enough to protect the secrecy of the life, for if humans became aware of us we would no longer be the predators but they prey. Since I was born of both vampire and were blood, both sides made a choice. If the vampire won my heart then the wolves would rebel, if the werewolf earned my love; the vamps would rage war.
The fear of my choice drove me to the human world. I got a job as a journalist in a small town newspaper – the favor I owed to Juan – rented a condo and spent five glorious years living among the humans. Yet my decision would not wait forever and rebels among both clans began garnishing violence because of my absence. I had to return. I had to make a choice.
As dawn broke of the morning of the summer solstice, I would make my choice; or so the Elders believed. I had chosen a commitment even more forbidden than that of my parents.
I had chosen both. We would commit ourselves together in a bond that no war could destroy.
“Do either of you have second thoughts?” I asked cautiously.
“No.” Ronan’s voice rang clear.
“Nie.” Finn added in a softer tone, yet with no less conviction.
“Neither have I.”
Both men removed their clothes on opposite sides of the room. They would not share their bodies with one another but they would share mine.
Ronan finished first and strode toward me, gloriously naked. He sat upon the center of the bed and leaned all of that muscle on the center of the headboard.
I crawled up beside him, tasting his skin and breathing in the scent that was distinctly his. He pulled me into a kiss that showed me all of his desire and more of his love. True love, for both Finn and me. We had made this decision out of more than duty to clan. Finn, Ronan and I loved each other. None of us could bear to live without the other.
In a swift movement Ronan had twisted me so that my body lie atop him, my back to his front.
It was then that I noticed Finn. He kneeled at the end of the bed all crooked smile and naked muscle. I crooked my finger, inviting him closer and his eyes darkened in response.
“I have loved you both from the very beginning.” Finn breathed, as he tasted his way up my legs.
“As we have loved you.” Ronan replied for us both because Finn had already begun feasting on the center of me rendering me speechless.
Finn’s tongue explored every delicate part of me while Ronan held my hands at bay and devoured my neck.
I wanted so much to touch them, either of them, both of them and could only writhe under Finn’s expert lips.
Ronan released my hands and slid to the side of me so I was no longer nestled in the comfort of his warmth. He had my hands back in his grasp before I could reach for either of them and tucked them under his leg; putting something much more delectable within reach of my mouth.
I pulled Ronan into my lips and let my tongue run along all of that silky softness covering the steel shaft of him. He groaned but didn’t move away.
Without warning my body erupted in pleasure as Finn hit that sweetest of spots. He sucked on my clitoris while I came bringing more intensity to the emotion. I screamed around Ronan and felt his shudder inside of me.
While I was still trying to regain my breath, my men switched places.
Ronan’s fingers bringing the heat burning low in my stomach while Finn worked at my breasts, teasing one nipple, then the other.
“Who shall go first?” Ronan asked.
Finn smiled up at him, all the love he felt for both of us shined in his eyes as he answered, “You.”
Finn took the spot on the bed where Ronan had started but flipped me over so that my face lie upon the rippling muscles of his stomach. Ronan grasped my knees and bent them. I took Finn in my mouth as far as I could go then suckled my way back to his tip, pausing for only a moment before repeating the process.
I felt the tip of Ronan easing himself into my body and found my breath caught in my throat. I lay against Finn who continued to stroke each piece of me that he could reach while Ronan pulled himself back out.
I took Finn back into my mouth a found a rhythm that matched Ronan’s stroke inside of me. Finn had to hold me steady as the first hint of orgasm shivered through my body and as Ronan picked up his pace, picked up mine, tearing a moan from Finn.
“She’s so tight.” Ronan growled, fighting off his own release. “So wet…so tight.”
“For heaven’s sake Ronan.” Finn cried out. “Go before I do.”
Ronan drove himself into me deeper and I took Finn into the back of my throat. Heat spiraled out of control within my body and as one, Ronan, Finn and I released the pleasure enfolding us with a scream.
Once we could breath again I shifted my position so that I was straddling Finn and had Ronan behind him where I could reach him with my lips. The sensation of having both of the men that I loved inside of me at the same time was overwhelming. My body was already hypersensitive from both men’s ministrations and I came quickly.
“I got her prepped for you, Finn.” Ronan teased.
“Aye, she is no less tight for me.” He smiled back at Ronan. “Perhaps I will go first next time.”
“Fair enough.” I breathed.
Both men laughed until I thrust my hips into Finn and sucked Ronan into my mouth.
Ronan groaned deeply, the vibration of it increasing my excitement.
“We must speak the sacred words.” I rasped. “We must make the final commitment to each other on the summer solstice.
The tempo increased and I thought I would die with the pleasure erupting through me. “Soon.” I warned.
As we lie in the bed on the morning of that summer solstice we spoke together as one…
“On this sacred day we commit to one another and out of love, two children are conceived. Together we will unite the divisions among our clans and bring peace to all.”
I screamed out the final word as Ronan brought me to my climax and Finn’s seed filled my mouth.
And it was done.

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  1. FORBIDDEN sounds very interesting. I loved the excerpt. I am looking forward to reading this story.

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  3. I loved this excerpt! Thank you for sharing. Before I even read that I did look at your covers on the right side and whoever does your covers does a really good job! I did add myself as a follower.

    tiffanykrepps @ gmail . com

    • Okay, first I have to say WOW’ what a sensational phahogropter you are! Looking through these wedding photographs it almost makes me wish I could go back and get married again. You’ve really captured the occasion and the essence of what marriage means to each couple.Secondly, just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful suggestions for my Sydney trip particularly Pigott’s Store and the bakery on Bourke St. Obviously you’re a true Sydney girl who knows all the killer spots. Thanks for taking the time to leave the comment I really appreciate it. Lee

    • I live in the Arizona desert right now. I lived in the AZ high cnrtouy for years where it snows very heavily. (By that, I mean feet of snow for 5 months out of the year, shut down the town snow, 4 4 only in some areas snow, cry because you have to get up 2 hours early to shovel your car out before work snow)When I moved back to the desert region I thought that I would be happy to have a break. (after all, you don’t have to shovel sunshine) but I miss it. I miss it so bad! I want to make snow ice cream, and build snowmen and go sledding, wake up to that soft white silence after a heavy snowfall the night before, etc. Maybe it’s like childbirth forget the pain and only remember the joy?!?!I plan to move to another region of the cnrtouy that has real “weather” very soon .It’s great to wear shorts in December ..but I need leaves that change color and crisp air.

  4. Now that is a summer solstice! Loved the excerpt! Thank you for sharing, Rhonda. Thank you for the chance to read one of your stories also. 🙂
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  5. Sounds very good! Thanks for sharing and for the fun hop! And thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  6. Forbidden is actually just a short story I wrote for the blog tour but with all the wonderful comments I’ve gotten, I may just have to write the whole book! I’ll keep you posted and Thank you!

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