HAPPY EASTER! I hope you have all had a blessed day and maybe even found a new e-reader in your basket this year! I’ve been busily working on the third book to the Leah Wolfe SINS Novel series. The first book, Nightwalker, A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel is now available in both ebook and print. The second book, The Order of Chaos is also available. The third book is tentatively titled Justified and takes Leah, Ian and Joaquin into the next level of the supernatural world.

I’ve recently released Guardian with Liquid Silver Books and while it is not part of the SINS Novel series it is a compelling look into the life of Claire Stillwell. It is available at many fine retailers including and .

Below you will find a never before release excerpt from Guardian. I hope you enjoy it and again, have a wonderful Easter!

Move, dammit, Move! Claire’s brain screamed the order to her body and with a sudden rush of energy; she began to back away, her arms instinctively extending in front of her to ward off the attack. Adrenaline coursed through her veins and her body began to shake when she saw that faint glint of metal in the second attackers’ hand.

Oh, Shit! Knife.

She tried to run just as his free hand reached out, clasping her arm in his steely grasp. A scream bubbled up from her throat as he raised the blade above her, her eyes frozen on the knife. It was nothing like she had ever seen before, a long titanium blade with spirals around it like a lethal auger. There would be no quick slice but a slow torturous twist of razor sharp edges piercing into her body.

“My name is Roman and I’m here to help you.” His voice seemed to echo in her mind but her eyes stayed locked on the lethal looking blade in his hand.

“Bullshit.” She croaked

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