Release Day for GUARDIAN!


GUARDIAN releases today at   I’m dancing in my desk chair and hope that you all enjoy the latest work of my imagination! Here is a blurb and a little teaser! Happy Reading!


Claire Stillwell is on the brink of realizing her lifelong dream of owning her own gallery. But an eerie attack in a dark alley reveals a past she never even knew existed. Can Claire embrace a life she never dreamed of in the name of love?


Roman Hunt has been assigned to secretly protect Claire. After years of hiding in the shadows as her unseen guardian, a fateful attack brings them face to face. Is Roman willing to risk everything to be with the woman he loves?


When two worlds collide and danger is imminent, can love keep them safe?



Claire stretched languidly, keeping her eyes sealed shut as she held on to the last dredges of sleep. Her dreams had been disturbing, a sign she’d been fantasizing far too long about the man who came into Bookworms each night and working way too hard to finish sculptures for her gallery.

That thought only reminded her she was scheduled to work tonight and while she couldn’t remember falling asleep, she was grateful for the nap. She’d been putting in long hours both at the bookstore and with her sculptures.

Claire shook off the last moments of sleep and brought herself fully awake opening her eyes and sucking in a startled gasp.

She wasn’t at home.

Memory flooded her, horrifying her. The man from Bookworms, Roman Hunt he called himself, had saved her from … something.

He must have brought her somewhere when she passed out.

His house?

Instinctively she reached for her cell phone only to find her pocket empty. Shit.