Oops! I’m late for the bloghop and I apologize. I’ve been immersed in the third installment of the SINS Novel Series, tentatively titled JUSTIFIED. I don’t want to share an excerpt just yet but I do have one from my soon to released GUARDIAN!

Claire found herself moving toward him, her fingers trembled with the need to touch them, to trace their outline and burn them into her memory. She wanted to sculpt them and for a fleeting moment thought of asking him to pose for her.

He wouldn’t do it. She knew he was far too serious to indulge her. Serious yet concerned, with just a small hint of humor showing in his eyes on the rarest of occasions.

They were both adults, she reminded herself. Consenting adults. She had felt his attraction toward her and since she was unable to restrain her own emotions from being displayed, she would no longer deny herself.

GUARDIAN will be released at in the coming months. In the meantime, I will continue to immerse myself in the lives of Ian Nightwalker, Leah Wolfe and Joaquin Wildhorse.

While you’re waiting, enjoy a little chocolate for Valentines Day!

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Oops! I’m late…

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