Monette Michaels and Cold Day in Hell

Today I welcome the very talented Monette Michaels to the blog where she is sharing an excerpt from her new book Cold Day in Hell! Read on to find out how to download a FREE Novella STORMY WEATHER BABY!

“SSI could only get the one guy here today. But his back-up team should arrive at a safe house tomorrow on the last day of the photo shoot where we’ll meet them to get me out of the country. I’ve been informed you’ll be going out a different way. The operative will have the details for us when he arrives. The theory is Cruz will concentrate on me—not you and your people.” She leaned closer to Evan. “Don’t be surprised when a guy named Risto Smith arrives and claims to be my husband. Act as if you know him. Keely and I figured even Cruz might chill his jets a bit if he thinks I’m married. I guess this Risto is one mean-looking son of a bitch.”
“Beauty and the Beast? I can see a photo spread for Vogue.” He swept his hands in a broad arc. She could always count on Evan to find the humor in a situation. “By the way, how recent is the marriage?” He grinned at her raised eyebrow. “I’m a method actor, dear one. If you’re recently married, I can be even more excited about seeing the new hubby. If it’s a secret marriage of long-standing then I, as an old and dear friend, would greet Risto more casually.”
“Recent … very recent. We eloped right before I left Chicago, okay? Is that enough inspiration?”
“Perfect … ah, and I think your hubby may have arrived.” A commotion and angry male voices had Evan turning, which allowed her to see past him. “Oh my God, I hope that’s him. He’s…” Evan fluttered a hand over his heart, “stunning. All lines and angles. Rugged masculinity.”
Holy crap! The picture Keely had sent to her cell phone had not done the guy justice. Her make-believe husband had just taken out the two, gorilla-sized thugs and wasn’t even breathing heavily. He bent over and disarmed both men, throwing their weapons over the ancient wall into the sea. Her womb clenched and her lacy thong dampened at his show of strength.
Her pretend husband cast a narrowed glance over the area until he found her tent shelter. Man, he was impressive. She could practically feel his testosterone across the small plaza. Keely hadn’t misrepresented Risto Smith at all—he was capable and dangerous. The tension she’d carried in her shoulders and neck since Cruz had threatened her and her brothers dissipated. She wasn’t alone anymore.
“Sweet baby Jesus, he’s huge.” And all mine. Callie shook off the errant thought. The man didn’t look like the type to belong to anyone but himself. She was just borrowing him for a short time. But damn, why didn’t they grow men like him in Chicago? She reached for Evan who helped her stand. She dropped his hand then walked toward Risto Smith, taking her time to drink him in.
Keely had left some things out of her description. He was broad-shouldered, lean-hipped and far taller than her own five feet, nine inches. His face was all lines and angles with a sharp blade of a nose. Even though his name was Finnish-sounding, he looked to have some Native American blood. His collar-length hair was thick and dark as pitch, wildly layered about his head, giving him a medieval warrior look. His eyes were dark and glittering, focused only on her. She shivered and another small gush of moisture dampened her already soaked panties.
Shaking his head and muttering something she couldn’t hear, he moved toward her in a ground-eating stride. Obviously, she wasn’t moving fast enough to suit him. Her mouth dried as he stalked her. He moved like a jungle cat, aware of all potential danger surrounding him. His demeanor said it all: he’d handle whatever came his way and survive to tell about it. This was a man a woman could rely upon. He could be protective or destructive, depending on his mood.
Stopping a few feet from her, he sent her an imperious look, one dark masculine brow arched. It was a look she recognized, her father had often worn a similar look with her and her brothers; it said “what the fuck are you waiting on?”

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