3 More reasons to buy an E-Book

So you’re just about finished with the first book in a series and want to start on the second right away. Who doesn’t?  Now you don’t have to carry both books around with you. If you finish a book on your lunch hour, you have another stored and ready to read. Or you can download another and be good to go for the commute home, provided you’re not the one doing the driving, of course.

Multi-tasking at it’s best. Keep your textbooks, work and favorite novels all on your laptop. Imagine, no more lugging around a heavy backpack!

Fall is here…the leaves are turning, the days are getting cooler and school has begun. That means carrying a heavy backpack loaded down with books. Ouch, my back hurts just thinking about it. Did you know that even <strong>textbooks</strong> are available for download? I’ve even read of schools doing away with printed books altogether and jumping in the digital age with e-books. Much to the relief of our sore backs.

Rhonda Print is the author of NIGHTWALKER. Soon to be released at Liquidsilverbooks.com